Sanuk Brings Out 100% Plant-Based Carbon Neutral Collection

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Unconventional footwear brand, Sanuk, has launched its latest innovation in eco-friendly design called Veg Out

Veg Out is a 100% plant-based footwear range that comprises of just seven ingredients, – it’s also recycled, and uses only natural materials. Included in the collection are two “Sidewalk Surfer” styles which are made from hemp cotton blend uppers, jute for the footbeds, and cork or natural rubber outsoles. How comfy do they sound?! And the natural look comes from undyed fibres, which was an intentional decision from the team in order to further reduce any environmental impact – it also retains the Sanuk signature style which many of its fans love.

Sanuk has previously been known to push the boundaries of sustainable footwear creations, and even had a “rubbish reincarnated” SustainaSole collection, plus the team used sugar cane in its Cozy Vibes collection – proving that living a plant-based lifestyle isn’t just about diet and that it’s important to encourage your sustainable practices into other parts of your life. 

Carbon Emissions

In addition to using plant-based materials over synthetic ingredients, Sanuk is taking the Veg Out Collection a step further by measuring the carbon emissions associated with the product’s materials. The materials used in the collection are low-impact, and the brand purchased offsets to address the small remaining amount of carbon emissions, making the collection’s product materials 100% carbon neutral.

“This collection was designed to intentionally push the boundaries of building sustainable products through the sole use of plant-based materials, which is rarely done in footwear,” said Katie Pruitt, Sanuk Director of Product. “The research and development in the material space required us to rethink manufacturing through a new lens, and we’re proud to unveil this line as a result. Now, who’s ready to Veg Out?”

Not many shoe brands can offer you an ingredients list…but here it is for the Veg Out collection!

  • Responsibly sourced cotton
  • Hemp
  • Jute
  • TENCEL™ Lyocell (Trees)
  • Natural Rubber
  • Cork
  • Recycled PLA (Corn-Based)

Available now, the Veg Out collection retails at $70 – take a look at the Sanuk website and see which style you like best. 

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Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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