Sainsbury’s expands Plant Pioneers Range to include plant-based fish products

To commemorate World Vegan Day on November 1st, Sainsbury expands its Plant Pioneers Range to include innovative plant-based fish products, including the first supermarket salmon alternative. The event saw an increase in the product line by 15 items, with options ranging from Plant Pioneers No Fish Cake to Plant Pioneers No Chicken Gyozas and Plant Pioneers Meat Free Roasting Joint.

As Plant-based fish emerges as a big trend for this year, Sainsbury is leading the way in bringing customers delectable new no-fish products. This exciting new collection comes, as it is expected that by 2025, half of the UK population will be adopting a flexitarian diet. As a result of this expansion, Brits are seeking out more delectable plant-based options.

The new Plant Pioneers line will go a long way to add flavor and nutrition to plant-based meals while allowing customers to make more environmentally conscious food choices. The Plant Pioneers No Salmon Fillet is a Sainsbury’s exclusive and is made from a combination of jackfruit and king oyster mushrooms. Plant Pioneers No Chuna, available in four delectable flavors, is the ideal complement to any salad or sandwich.

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Not only is Sainsbury’s beefing up their fish alternatives, but it’s also introducing a range of plant-based chicken recipes, including the delectable Plant Pioneers No Chicken Buffalo Wings.

Do you plan to spice up your midweek lunch? Sainsbury’s Plant Pioneers No Chuna is the perfect accompaniment to any salad or sandwich. Available in four flavours: You may also want to try out the Plant Pioneers No Chicken Gyozas, created with fragrant lemongrass and water chestnuts, and go well with any flavorful stir-fry

All products are now available in selected Sainsbury’s superstores nationwide and at www. sainsbury’

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