Royal DSM and Avril announce joint venture to develop plant-based proteins

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Royal DSM and Avril will be launching Olatein to create the plant-based CanolaPRO to keep up with protein demands.

Dutch multinational corporation Royal DSM and French industrial and financial group Avril have announced their joint venture, Olatein, to produce canola (rapeseed)-based proteins for the global food market. This comes after they announced their intention to work together last year.

The collaboration, with DSM holding a 75% stake and Avril the rest, has been finalised and will begin constructing a new manufacturing facility in Dieppe, France for the plant-based protein.

In its press release, DSM spoke of the importance of protein and how it is vital to keep up with the world’s increasing population. To meet growing demands, DSM is combining its patented process and technology for extracting high-quality protein from canola meal, with Avril’s 35-year legacy in oilseed and protein crop production to create CanolaPRO

DSM says CanolaPRO has a high nutritional value, with a balanced taste profile that enhances plant-based alternatives in meat, dairy, beverages, baked products, bars and ready-to-mix products that will be marketing and sold by DSM. Avril will be supplying the new company with non-genetically modified canola meal from the new crushing unit in its new facility.

The new site will also include a biomethane unit to supply the local public energy network and minimise the environmental footprint of production.

The President of DSM Food Specialties, Patrick Niels, said: “With the global population continuing to grow and the demand for healthy and nutritious proteins on the rise, the world needs sustainable solutions.

“Our partnership with Avril enables the production of CanolaPRO, a high-quality and nutritious protein that supports our customers to provide consumers around the world with better tasting, more enjoyable meat and dairy alternatives — in line with the market trends.”

Jean-Philippe Puig, Chief Executive Officer of the Avril Group, added: “This partnership with DSM is part of Avril’s strategy to develop and conquer new markets, with the aim of structuring a new high-protein seed sector and thus contribute to increasing France’s and Europe’s protein self-sufficiency.”

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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