Retail partnership announced between PlantX and Besties Vegan Paradise

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Online grocer and vegan community platform PlantX Life has agreed on a strategic partnership with grocery store, Besties Vegan Paradise.

The collaboration will see PlantX initiating a redesign and rebrand of its XMarket stores in Venice, California and Hillcrest, California under the Besties brand. In addition, these locations will include the sale of Besties branded products.

First and only vegan marketplace

Founded in 2019 by vegan activists, Asia Phoenix and Matt Fontana, Besties lives by its mission to provide a platform for independent, vegan businesses that will, in turn, help to expand the vegan community. At present it is the only vegan marketplace in the country to sell products exclusively from 100% vegan brands, none of whom use any animal ingredients nor engage in animal testing. Besties also, uniquely, does not sell any products from companies owned by parent companies that produce non-vegan products or engage in animal testing. 

This collaboration of minds will further the goals of both companies, with an overall aim to enhance the accessibility of plant-based products for all. 

PlantX Founder, Sean Dollinger, commented: “It is obvious through their success with Besties Vegan Paradise that Matt and Asia have developed the ‘secret sauce’ in the retail space. Both PlantX and I, personally, are committed to the values and ethics that Asia, Matt and the Besties brand have come to epitomise in the vegan community. This partnership will no doubt accelerate the already massive growth for PlantX as we confirm our commitment to those values and cement our place as a leader in the ethical vegan marketplace.”

Supporting and developing

The partnership will see PlantX’s southern California stores stocking new and unique Besties products, for example, vegan soft serve.  In addition, a benefit of the new Besties locations in Venice and Hillcrest is that a same-day delivery service can be provided for orders on the company’s e-commerce platform from customers in Los Angeles and San Diego.

Besties co-founder, Asia Phoenix, said: “As a vegan female founder, it is important to me that Besties aligns with a company that fully supports our mission of championing equality for all beings and is committed to investing into our cause.” 

PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin, added:  “We are very thankful to be working so closely with the founders of Besties, Matt Fontana and Asia Phoenix, who recognise PlantX as a leader in the vegan space. With the knowledge that they too, are industry leaders and want to join forces to roll out their brand with our support is very powerful.”

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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