Redefine Meat Launches 3D Printed ‘Alt Steak’TM

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In September of last year, alternative meat company, Redefine Meat, raised $6 million to advance into the 3D printing industry. Early this year, plant-based company Novameat came out with the world’s first 3D printed steak that was also vegan. Now, Redefine Meat have debuted, what they have trade-marketed it as ‘Alt-Steak’, a steak created by a patent-pending 3D printing technology. 

The meat is what the Israeli company are calling ‘the start of a new era in alternative meat’, with the Alt-Steak having the same texture, flavour and appearance of a classic beef steak. The ‘meat’ is made from soy, pea protein, coconut fat, sunflower oil and natural colours and flavourings. The steak is also high in protein and cholesterol-free.

The CEO and co-founder of Redefine, Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, told The Media Line they had reached a ‘milestone’ as they can now print steaks on a larger scale that tastes ‘amazing’. 

Ben-Shitrit also said, “To make a meatless steak that resembles the muscle of an animal requires the use of a special 3D printer.

“Until now, nobody had this kind of printer and we developed it in the past two years.”

The company worked with leading chefs, food technologists and butchers and digitally mapped over 70 sensory factors of the meat, including its feel, juiciness and even mouth-feel. 

Redefine are set to test the Alt-Steak in selected restaurants across Israel next month and are planning to introduce the ‘meat’ to European restaurants next year and supermarkets in 2022.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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