Politicians call for a global green deal to battle climate change

The Global Alliance for a Green New Deal is a group of politicians from around the world working towards a global green deal to fight climate change.

A new group of politicians from across the world is calling for a global green deal to tackle climate change and transition to a green economy as we recover from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Global Alliance for a Green New Deal, launched today, is inviting politicians from all countries to work together on policies that would bring a just transition to a green economy, as the world gears up for the COP26 conference in Glasgow in November.

Among the 21 members of the alliance are Caroline Lucas — who is the Green Party’s only member of parliament — Labour’s Clive Lewis, member of the European parliament, and politicians from Brazil, Argentina, Indonesia, Malaysia, the US and others, making up a total of 19 countries.

The alliance wants governments to introduce measures that would boost the green economy, collaborate on Covid vaccine access globally, work towards debt restructuring in poor countries, and create a low-carbon society.

Minnesota congresswoman Ilhan Omar said the recent extreme weather events like the heat dome over North America should serve as a warning: “Climate change is here and it is an existential threat to humanity. We have already seen the horrifying repercussions of failing to act — wildfires raging across the [US] west coast, extreme hurricanes, heatwaves in Australia, massive flooding around the world. Natural disasters like these will only get worse unless we act as a global community to counteract this devastation.”

Joenia Wapichana, the first indigenous woman in Brazil to be elected a federal representative, said: “I understand how important it is that we all take responsibility for a green new deal. That’s why I am joining this alliance — to join forces so my work in parliament can contribute to the strengthening of the legislative process in defence of collective rights, the environment and in defence of indigenous peoples.”

Governments must focus on social justice and the climate, according to French MEP Manon Aubry. “As the consequences of the climate crisis become more and more alarming, inequalities are growing and the poorest are hit hardest by the impacts of a changing climate,” she said. “If we want fair, systematic and effective climate policies, we need a radical shift away from free trade and free-market ideology.”

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