PlantX expands plant-based pop-up initiative in Venice Beach following $2m loan

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PlantX has announced the expansion of its multi-brand plant-based pop-up initiative hosted in various locations in Venice Beach, California. This comes following the acquisition of a $2m convertible loan. 

The team had inspiration for the pop-up space following successful rounds of pilot schemes. These schemes were tested out by promoting the company’s partner brands Matthew Kenney Cuisine Global and Besties Vegan Paradise

Aims for the plant-based pop-up initiative focus around supporting both new and established plant-based brands by offering the company’s retail space in Venice Beach. As such, they feel it is a great way to demonstrate leadership in the plant-based market through the acquisition of more working partners from a broader range of businesses.  The notion being that impactful plant-based brands are the way forward.

Why a pop-up initiative?

It’s a great way for selected brands to create their own signature in the market. Many have found it a useful way to test out products in the retail environment and a way of enhancing their brand awareness. This can be achieved through hosting community events such as pizza nights or sports clubs.

PlantX intends to use a three-month rotational system to ensure the maximum amount of plant-based brands are offered exposure. It’s also to help promote equity, diversity and inclusion. Following a brand’s three month use of the pop-up space, PlantX will be encouraging participants to continue providing the Venice Beach store with at least one of their signature products.

“To our knowledge, the PlantX vegan pop-up concept is the first of its kind – so far, no-one else in the plant-based space is adopting such market innovation strategies,” said PlantX CEO, Lorne Rapkin. “By paving the way for pop-up opportunities, we hope to revolutionise the plant-based industry and contribute to its growth in novel and creative ways.”

Pop-up success

We love news of an exciting new pop-up. Who remembers Dirty Vegan’s transformation from a pop-up junk food venue to finding its new home in Westfield, London?

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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