PlantForm set to accelerate plant-based companies across the globe

PlantForm, a new Australian plant-based manufacturing accelerator is all set to be launched, which will offer companies across the globe a way in which to responsibly accelerate their path to market, their product development as well as potential scale. 

Through 25 years of combined expertise, PlantForm will be bringing plant-based foods to market with the value-added capabilities only achieved through state-of-the-art research and development, consistent investment opportunities and a strong connection to the food and technology production ecosystem.

Commenting on the progression of PlantForm, Allen Zelden, Co-Founder, food tech investment adviser and APAC industry expert commented that the company will be offering a unique service that breaks down the traditional barriers and accelerates scale at a vital time for the plant-based industry.

Zelden stated:  “While adoption of plant-based food is at a tipping point globally with capital flowing into the sector, a major use of these funds is tied up in building new manufacturing capabilities and research and development.”

Resolution of problems

In order to progress from any potential bottleneck-like problems, PlantForm intends to drive a radical system of change within food tech innovation, encouraging a level of manufacturing that becomes more agile and an infrastructure of growth that works more ethically and sustainably in the food it chooses to market. 

The team believes that the PlantForm ecosystem is ideal for achieving these goals by leveraging multiple APAC locations and therefore increasing direct access to strategic resources and capital.

Zelden continued:  “By accelerating company growth and innovation, we aim to alter consumerism and supply systems beyond traditional capital forces to catapult the industry forward and ultimately reduce our reliance on animal agriculture.”


As a starting point, PlantForm will look to form lasting partnerships with companies across the globe who match their requirements for a leading and emerging plant-based brand. Through its mission, the company aims to leave the world in a healthier and kinder place for future generations so again, partnerships will need to be based on this end goal. 

Zelden concluded: “The greatest way to combat the disastrous effects of climate change starts with what we eat and feed our families, which is why it’s vital to empower entrepreneurs and food brands of the future to support the transformation of our global food system from the ground up.”

The first round of partnership and manufacturing enquiries will be open for application as of April. Take a look at the PlantForm website for more information.

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