PLANT CEO’s latest episode features The Vegan Review founder Damoy Robertson

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Vegan podcast PLANT CEO’s latest episode sees host Anant Joshi interview The Vegan Review founder Damoy Robertson.

Anant Joshi, the host of vegan YouTube show PLANT CEO, has released his latest video, which features The Vegan Review founder Damoy Robertson.

For over 40 minutes, they discuss how The Vegan Review and its team came about, spirituality, Rastafarian culture, basketball and the landscape of vegan media. The video description reads:

“In this episode, we speak [with the] remarkable Damoy Robertson, the founder of The Vegan Review. Damoy’s new publication is for vegans and non-vegans. His aim is to breakdown the barriers to veganism and describes his content as a cross between The Guardian and Vice Media.

“Of Jamaican heritage, we discuss how the Rastafarian belief system of Ital revolves around eating a plant-based diet. Damoy is also quite spiritual himself and believes that animals shouldn’t be used as food.

“Basketball is another love of his and we discuss NBA players that are also vegan. Damoy’s girlfriend Jaimie van Duin, also an entrepreneur, has created a vegan pizza company called iHeartPizza and together they have now launched a new accessories brand called Hukua.”

Joshi, who started the PLANT CEO podcast late last year, previously said of the show: “I decided to create this YouTube podcast, PLANT CEO, basically looking at businesses, showcasing certain companies, CEOs and leaders in their fields, and giving them a platform to talk about their brands.

“I used to watch This Week in Startups by Jason Calacanis. He would bring in a range of interesting companies and interview the founders. I kind of got the inspiration from that show, but to focus it on a niche area, which is plant-based leadership.”

Previous episodes have featured Wild Earth CEO Ryan Bethencourt, Get Vegan Grub founder Prashant Kumbhat, Veganuary CEO Ria Rehberg and Refarm’d CEO Geraldine Starke.

Watch the full episode here:

Read our full interview with PLANT CEO Anant Joshi.

Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
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