Plant-Based Seafood Is The Latest Vegan Trend

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An article published yesterday by the BBC theorised that plant-based seafood is the next  trend to hit the vegan market. The publication believes the rise in demand for the alternative is not entirely because of animal welfare concerns, but because of the fact that shellfish allergy is the most common allergy. If you can eat shellfish without an allergic reaction, you would take it, right? Other reasons also include larger fish species being hard to farm and the awareness of the human rights abuses in global fishing chains.

And now this theory is being picked up by the likes of Forbes and Yahoo who have concluded that plant-based seafood can be the next hit vegan item to hit supermarket shelves. With start-up companies developing alternative meat and large corporations following suit over the last 18 months. According to Yahoo, Atlantic Natural Foods offering plant-based tuna called ‘TUNO’ and Impossible Foods announced that they are working on plant-based fish. Yesterday Swedish start-up Hooked claims they are in the works in developing the ‘world’s first’ plant-based shredded salmon.

The fish alternative has also caught the eye of many celebrities with A-listers including Paris Hilton and Woody Harrelson investing in vegan brand start-up Good Catch, who produce vegan tuna.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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