Plant-based award being launched by the Food Manufacture Excellence Awards

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The Food Manufacture Excellence Awards have announced their new trophy called the Plant-Based Manufacturing Company of The Year to celebrate their 20th anniversary.

The Food Manufacture Excellence Awards (FMEA) is an event that celebrates, recognises and provides a platform to the innovative approach to food development, high-tech manufacturing and high-quality raw materials of UK’s food and drinks manufacturing market.

The platform has been running for 20 years and to celebrate its 20th anniversary, FMEA have announced they will be launching a new award for the plant-based sector.

The category will be called the Plant-Based Manufacturing Company of The Year and will be opened to companies who make meat-free or dairy-free food, drink or general plant-based meals for retail, foodservice, catering or hospitality. The products also do not necessarily have to be suitable for vegans or vegetarians, and businesses that win are also eligible to win the overall award on the night, like the other existing categories. 

Winning the award will put the company on Food Manufacturer’s editorial radar and give it extra web coverage.

To win, Food Manufacture says you have to “demonstrate genuine innovation, impressive achievements in the field of processing, a passion for excellence and an ability to go the extra mile to deliver what customers and, ultimately, customers want”.

The business includes an example of how winners “swayed” the judges “by resurrecting factories previously gutted by fire, dramatically increasing production capacity, launching significant product development programmes, successfully implementing major technology upgrades and executing major business turnaround strategies”.

Winners of all awards will be announced on Thursday, February 11, 2021, with previous frontrunners including Weetabix and Greencore.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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