Pizza Hut in Germany Now Offering Three New Vegan Pizzas

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It’s all happening in Germany again! After we announced a new vegan paracetamol, Paraveganio in Germany back in March, here we are again with another treat for vegans across the mainland European country. This time it’s pizza. With fast-food chain, Pizza Hut launching three new vegan pizzas in Germany, all topped with vegan cheese and chicken. This is a first for the German branches of Pizza Hut, with the pizzas named, Smokey BBQ Vegan, which is a tomato base topped with Violife vegan cheese, peppers, and vegan chicken; Tuscany Spicy Vegan, topped with tomato sauce, Violife vegan cheese, jalapenos, corn, and balsamic vinegar; and Vegan Chik ‘n’ Cheez, which is a cheesy based pizza, topped with red onion, peppers, vegan chicken and mushrooms.

They all sound so good! 

In addition to the pizzas, Pizza Hut has included a vegan pasta dish in its menu – Creamy Cheez Pasta Vegan. 

Pizza Hut has commented that it added more vegan offerings to its line in response to customer requests. In fact, they announced it on their socials

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Pizza Hut has been busy keeping its European vegan customers happy. Partnering up with Beyond Meat, and successfully trialing the offerings in the UK, these vegan options were soon added to the main menu in the UK back in July 2021.  

Similarly, in Belgium. The trial was a massive success, with the chain restaurant now adding The Beyond Pizza to the main menu, which is topped with a tomato sauce, Violife cheese, crumbled Beyond Burger, red onion, mushrooms, peppers, and parsley. 

We are so excited to visit our local Pizza Hut soon. So many pizza places are upping the game, with a more elaborate vegan menu, so it was only a matter of time before this pizza giant joined the party. 

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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