Outstanding Foods: the origins and goals

Bill Glaser, Co-Founder and CEO of Outstanding Foods describes the origins and goals of his plant-based food company that creates tasty as hell products that everyone can love.

I’ve been an entrepreneur ever since I was a kid. Back in the day, I would find things to sell so I got money to buy toys! In my post-childhood career, I founded a variety of companies and have had some successful exits and outcomes. I’ve personally been plant-based for over 32 years, and have wanted to start a company that could make a meaningful impact by making it easy for anyone to easily incorporate more plant-based foods into their diet without making a sacrifice. To pull that off, I needed someone to be able to create delicious food products that anyone can love. When I had the chance to partner with renowned Chef Dave Anderson who previously led R&D at Beyond Meat, I jumped at it and Outstanding Foods was born.

Outstanding Foods
Image: Outstanding Foods

As CEO, I have been very intentional to raise capital from those who could also add value to our company, whether with celebrities to help promote our products or with contacts with business wisdom and valuable relationships. Our early lead investor was Rob Dyrdek, who was very involved and valuable in helping to shape our branding. Rob also became a confidante of mine and was a sounding board for all kinds of challenges we had. I’m very grateful for Rob and for our investors who added so much more value than money. To date, our stellar investor line-up includes Snoop Dog, JaVale McGee, Dierks Bentley, Alan Cumming, Bobby Bones, Autumn Calabrese and more.

I believe that all companies these days aren’t just sellers of products, but are platforms that have a voice. All business leaders have a choice of how we use our platforms. For me, I’m motivated that Outstanding Foods has a responsibility to use our platform to inspire change. The core of our business, which is creating delicious plant-based foods, can make a positive impact on people’s health, the environment and animal welfare. We consciously try to use our platform to bring about other positive changes as well. In our first year of sales, we donated $35,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative and to Snoop Dogg’s charity that helps inner-city youth. We hope to grow the number of our charitable donations each year in business and expand the organizations we can support. We’ve also donated hundreds of thousands of bags of our food products to people in need and have partnered with several non-profit organizations to bring healthy plant-based food to those who either don’t have access or can’t afford it. 

Outstanding Foods
Image: Outstanding Foods

Beyond donations, I am using our business as a platform to bring about change – individually by encouraging personal growth, via our products that inspire healthy living and support a healthier environment with less suffering by reducing plastic. Outstanding Foods is a certified plastic neutral company, meaning we are not a net adder of plastic to the environment. We want to be at the forefront of using biodegradable packaging and be a steward to our environment and our customers and their communities; and to inspire people to be more Outstanding. For us being Outstanding means being happy with who you are but always striving to learn and grow. Inspiring others to be their best and uplift them when they need it, have tons of fun and laugh a lot, don’t judge others and to eat healthy but never boring.. 

With Outstanding Foods, I truly feel I am living the dream! To be able to offer delicious and nutritious foods that people love and that happen to be plant-based, we are helping people live healthier and help reduce their contribution to environmental damage which animal agriculture is a big contributor of. As we head into 2022, get ready for some exciting brand updates and product launches in the coming months to continue to provide outstanding, plant-based options to our consumers.

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