One in Six Brits Could Have A Vegan Christmas in 2023, Poll Finds

A new poll by World Animal Protection (WAP) reportedly revealed that one in six UK adults are considering a plant-based Christmas this year.

The revelation comes as meat consumption has continued to fall throughout Europe in 2023, with the UK recording its lowest meat consumption levels ever. It also precedes what is predicted to be the biggest Veganuary event to date, following year-on-year sign-up increases.

The poll honed in on dietary choices for the festive season with 2,000 people asked what they are planning to eat. More than 300 are thought to have demonstrated an openness to a meat and dairy-free holiday season.

The UK turns it back on meat

Earlier this year, government research showed that the UK’s love affair with animal protein is cooling. In fact, consumption of meat has hit an all-time low with multiple potential reasons being cited by The Guardian.

Alongside the ongoing cost of living crisis, which has seen UK households £2,300 worse off on average, rising concerns about animal welfare and increased interest in plant-based eating are thought to be contributing to meat’s fall from grace.

World Animal Protection takes aim at factory farming

Releasing the poll findings is not the first instance of WAP putting animal agriculture in the firing line. The animal advocacy organisation consistently unveils new research that connects factory farming to climate degradation and animal cruelty. Most recently, WAP declared that factory farming is the root cause of at least 11% of climate impacting emissions. It goes on to highlight that intensive farming practices are also putting the livelihoods of smallholders at risk. Perhaps one of the most shocking statistics to come out of WAP’s latest report is that by 2050, economic costs connected to the climate crisis could reach more than US $1 trillion annually. Of this, factory farming has the potential to be responsible for at least $100 billion each year.

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