Omnis Skincare: what we use on our skin matters

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Grace Paterno-Show, founder of Omnis Skincare, explains the importance of skincare and why vegan ingredients are the way to go.

The words “vegan”, “organic” and “natural” are used freely and repeatedly in the skincare industry nowadays, but what do they actually mean and why should you really care? As with many products that make these more sustainable and desirable claims, skincare and beauty products of such kind tend to fall in the higher price range. So why should you part with your cash when buying these products?

I have been an avid skincare enthusiast and consumer for many years, but as I’ve become more aware of the impact of my consumption on the environment and learnt more about the chemical ingredients utilised in skincare, I have had a complete overhaul of my skincare products and now focus on finding brands that suit my needs best.

After years of trying a myriad of products, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted from using more environmentally friendly and vegan products. I found a lot of the products were not high-performance enough and did not merit the price I was paying for them.

So I started playing around with creating my own skincare at home as a purely personal project. It soon became an obsession, using different ingredients and combinations to create formulas and trying them out on myself as well as my friends and family.

grace paterno shawAfter a year of making my own skincare in my kitchen and getting very positive feedback, I decided to turn the formulas into an actual product range, and that is how Omnis was born — a gender-neutral skincare brand with high-performance, organic, vegan and cruelty-free products.

The brand’s philosophy focuses on inclusivity and sustainability. From the get-go of my experimentation, I knew I wanted to create something vegan and cruelty-free, because I am strongly against the idea that animals need to suffer in order for me to look good.

Every year alone, hundreds of thousands of animals lose their lives to cosmetic testing, and amongst the fine print of ingredient lists in almost all mainstream cosmetic brands are an excessive amount of animal-derived components. The long-term impact of us using these brands and products regularly means we are contributing greatly to a cruel and unsustainable industry that abuses animals and is not necessary because nowadays, vegan and cruelty-free skincare offers some of the best results in the market.

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So, if being more ethical towards animals isn’t enough to convince you to turn to more sustainable skincare brands, there are a bunch of other wonderful reasons why you should be checking labels more attentively.

omnis skincareVegan skincare has so many benefits. First and foremost, the best part is that vegan products don’t harm the environment. Like our Omnis products, most of the best vegan brands are also 100% organic and natural. This means that they contain ingredients that can break back down into non-harmful natural components after use. As the majority of vegan formulas contain more plant-derived ingredients, these products are much richer in vitamins, antioxidants, minerals and natural oils, which are essential for repairing and maintaining great skin. Ultimately, vegan skincare is not just kinder to animals and the environment, but also to your skin.

Up to 60% of everything we apply to our skin gets absorbed into the body and goes into our bloodstream, so it’s crucially important that we pay attention to what we are putting on and into our bodies. We are all more aware about cleaning up our diets and eating healthier, but we forget that skincare products are just as important as our meals. Avoiding preservatives, chemicals and toxins in long run will have your skin feeling healthier, looking better and improving your general wellbeing.

As a new startup beauty brand, we at Omnis are proud of the vegan products we have managed to take to market, and with the advantages of veganism in beauty and skincare becoming more and more apparent every year, there are no limits to the products that Omnis can offer to the more socially aware and health-conscious consumer.

After all, it seems like a no-brainer to take care of your skin and the world around us in the process.