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Plant-based omakase style sushi restaurant Omakaseed at Plant Bar is set to open in New York City’s NoMad neighbourhood on 30 April this year. With its arrival will come gorgeously fresh, plant-based, and globally inspired flavours. 

The restaurant is launching in partnership with SimpleVenue, an agency that connects dining concepts with top class venues, as well as plant-based technology and marketing organisation, Vegan Warrior Project

Omakase inspired

The venue will feature an eight seat sushi bar with five sittings per night. The menu will be omakase inspired and designed by the chef using seasonal and fresh ingredients. 

If you aren’t sure what omakase means, you aren’t alone. Omakase is a form of Japanese dining in which the guests leave the meal choice to the chef. It means you receive something seasonal, elegant, creative and usually the finest ingredients available. 

At the head of the concept is Executive Chef, Roberto Romero, an experienced Michelin star chef with a passion for plant-based cuisine. Leading the menu will be dishes such as Vegan Nigiri, Miso Soup, Potato Matcha Soup, Sunomo Style Pulled Oyster Mushroom Salad, Watermelon Tuna with Pickled Kelp, plus additional plant-based Japanese-inspired courses.

If that isn’t tempting enough, the cocktail menu hosts a range of treats that manage to incorporate fresh fruit and vegetables. Drinks include, Feel the Beet, Practice What you Peach, Who’s Your Edamame, Green Goddess and Mint to Be.

Eclectic global flavours

“Following the success of Sushi by Bou, we are thrilled to launch Omakaseed in partnership with the Vegan Warrior Project,” said Erika London, SimpleVenue President. “Our passion is showcasing the incredible flavours provided by the earth through our plant-based dishes, and Omakaseed will be a pioneering concept in the vegan food scene with an intimate setting.”

“Each omakase course will incorporate eclectic global flavours,” added Chef Jorge Pineda, Omakaseed Chef and Vegan Warrior Project Executive Chef. “Our menu is carefully curated week by week based on what’s seasonally available and at its peak flavour profile, giving our guests a dining experience that uncovers the complexities of each vegan sushi course, completely transforming the vegan sushi concept.”

Prices are $85 per person, excluding tax and gratuity. Omakaseed at Plant Bar will be open from Wednesday to Saturday, 5.30pm until 10.30pm and the last seating on Saturdays is 11.30pm.

You can find Omakaseed at Plant Bar inside Plant Bar at 1204 Broadway, New York, NY 10001.

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