NothingFishy acquired by The Mothership for seven figure sum

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NothingFishy, the brand behind the popular natural alternative to fish-based Omega 3 products has been acquired by multichannel eCommerce platform, The Mothership. Following rapid growth of NothingFishy, The Mothership has completed the purchase for an undisclosed seven figure sum. 

Founded in 2017 by entrepreneur, Caine Woodward, the brand has sold to over 50,000 customers with its vegan supplements. Specialising in algae-based Omega 3 capsules, NothingFishy has broken down many a myth about a human need to eat fish through its inspiring flagship product.  

To date, NothingFishy is the biggest acquisition for The Mothership and the first since the commerce roll-up announced a $22m fund, raised from private investors last month.  This latest acquisition shows the company’s commitment to building sustainable brands as well as those that form a more emotional connection to its customer base. Such as NothingFishy!

Algae-based Omega 3

So how does NothingFishy make its Omega 3s? Well, to put it simply, it bypasses the fish and takes it straight from the algae. Thus allowing vegan or eco-conscious consumers to absorb the purest form of Omega 3 without the need to harm any fish or our beautiful oceans. 

What we love about this brand is the gorgeous glass vial that holds the supplements. Made from recycled glass, its then packaged in reusable, recyclable, or compostable packaging. NothingFishy subsequently offers a refill service that is deliverable through your letterbox. 

NothingFishy growth to next level

“NothingFishy is a perfect example of the kind, and size, of brand that we are looking to acquire,” said Ben Fletcher, The Mothership CEO. “We like companies where we see the potential to build a new, powerful offering with a strong lifestyle component, and sustainable values that match the purchasing decisions of consumers. The brand has come a long way through word of mouth and social media marketing and we’re looking forward to adding our multi-channel marketing and product development expertise to accelerate its growth to the next level.”

Caine Woodward, NothingFishy Founder added: “We have enjoyed four years of fast growth and built a strong base of customers who are super passionate about our brand. Starting NothingFishy has been a fantastic personal journey for me but I’m ready to have the capable team at The Mothership now scale the business further. Their experience and marketing resources will push the brand to a new level and they have everything in place to meet the demand.”

Another of our favourite vegan supplement brands is Vegums; recently we brought news of them and two other vegan companies seeking funding through Seedrs.

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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