Nestlé continues to expand its dairy alternatives range

Nestlé has revealed it is developing an extensive range of plant-based dairy alternatives.

Swiss food giant Nestlé has announced it is currently developing a “wide range of plant-based dairy alternatives” that will be suitable for those following a vegan diet and are lactose intolerant.

In the company’s press release, Nestlé revealed that the products would be made from pea protein and will also be nutritious and have a “favourable” environmental footprint.

“Peas are one of the most environmentally friendly sources of plant-based protein, but when used alone, it can be challenging to turn them into a great-tasting beverage,” says Swen Rabe, head of Nestlé’s research and development centre in Konolfingen. 

“By using our proprietary technologies, as well as our expertise in creating shelf-stable dairy products, we were able to develop a delicious pea-based beverage with a reduced sugar content when compared to similar products in the market.”

Nestlè’s recent plant-based products include pea protein-based YES! bars and a vegan version of its Carnation condensed milk.

To make these dairy alternatives, the company said that production takes place at a number of Nestle’s R&D centres and uses a “combination of proprietary technologies such as plant-protein extraction, fermentation and thermal treatment”, with dairy and protein experts to ensure the products will have a “creamy mouthfeel, superior nutritional profile and pleasant flavour”.

The FAIRR Initiative revealed that Nestlé was amongst the 40% of global companies to have specific teams to develop and sell plant-based products officially. And in its half-year results, the company revealed that its plant-based and vegetarian ranges have grown by 40%.

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