Morrisons Launch Vegan Essential Food Box

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UK supermarket company Morrisons has launched a vegan food box to help their vegan customers during the coronavirus lockdown. The box will not only contain a variety of fruits and vegetables from their brand, but they will also include plant-based alternatives from cheese to meat from established vegan brands, as well as vegan snacks. The box is said to last up to two weeks, and its products will be of a similar value to traditional foods.  

The chain has already launched food boxes in partnership with food delivery company Deliveroo that cater to many dietary requirements such as gluten-free and meat essential, so there is no surprise that they are also providing towards vegans. According to their website, you will be able to ‘create delicious vegan meals at home,’ and to help those who follow a plant-based diet ‘enjoy a balanced vegan lifestyle at home.’

Morrisons also already have a vegan section filled with meat-free alternative meats, snacks, and desserts and are slowly launching more and more items.

While the supermarket has created a vegan essential food box, other companies to launch a similar version also includes a recent collaboration of top vegan brands creating The Squeaky Bean Plant Based Box, featuring plant-based meats and snacks as well.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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