MommyPure is India’s first plastic-negative, cruelty-free, vegan baby care brand

Indian brand MommyPure has launched a range of safe and cruelty-free babycare products made from vegan ingredients, produced ethically, with 100% recyclable packaging.

MommyPure launched its skin, hair and diaper care range for babies with family wellness products in August 2020. With certifications from CertClean, PETA and rePurpose Global, it aims to offer affordable, eco-conscious and sustainable options to Indian consumers while maintaining international product standards.

Gaurav Katiyar, founder and CEO of MommyPure, explains that babies have very sensitive and thin skin and since they are small, their ‘body surface to skin ratio’ is higher than adults; meaning, they can absorb whatever is put on their skin. “Those three factors need utmost attention to the ingredients of what should and should not be in skin care products designed for the most fragile skin. We took all these factors into account while putting together our product line.”

To keep up with its promise of providing safe products, the company has banned over 2,000 ingredients from its babycare products, including harsh chemicals, sulfates, parabens, silicones, phthalates, MEA, DEA, TEA, animal byproducts, perfumes, dyes and mineral oils.

Being India’s first plastic-negative brand, MommyPure also offers a small solution to the global landfill problem by donating to programs that collect and recycle twice as much plastic waste from the environment as used in its packaging and operations. According to its website, every consumer purchase carries a Negative Plastic Footprint.

Its market consists of millennial parents across Tier I and II cities in India. “We understand this segment of society, the demands of raising and nurturing a family and their constantly juggling professional and personal priorities. We understand that parenting is a tough gig; we are confident of making it easier by helping families and parents give their babies the purest start in life,” says Katiyar.

Currently delivering across India, the MommyPure range is available for purchase from its website and through e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Smytten, Paytm Mall and Little Black Book. Soon, the company plans to expand internationally. “We are planning to launch this in the Middle East and North American markets. Our plan is to go overseas within a year’s time,” Katiyar says.

In terms of market growth, the future looks bright with new product launches every quarter, as Katiyar told Forbes. MommyPure also has plans of partnering with maternity hospitals and clinics across key cities this year.

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