MeliBio unveil much anticipated real honey that’s fully vegan

Scientific advancement has allowed the California-based company to produce real honey made without bees through precision fermentation. Not only does this mean that humans can make one of their favourite foods without the use of animals, but it also means that honey-based cosmetics and beverages will also have an alternative because of MeliBio. And they have just started to roll out their product. 

A successful launch  

Samples of the honey were given to more than 100 investors at a networking event organised by Cell Vallely Labs on October 1st. Attendees included members of the climate and food tech communities. 

Melibio co-founders Aaron M. Schaller, PhD (Left) and Darko Mandich

The company already had multiple investors with a large financial backing. After the event they are likely to have more considering the success of the honey and positive reception in received.  

One of the biggest financial investors had this to say about the project: 

“Big Idea Ventures is backing MeliBio’s mission to take bees out of the honey supply chain, ensuring the wild pollinators and native bees vital to our ecosystem can thrive. MeliBio will be first to market with bee-free real honey in the US and APAC, used anywhere bee-derived honey is used today.” – Andrew D. Ive, Managing General Partner

Environmental advantages of Melibio

Darko Mandich, CEO and Co-Founder of MeliBio wants to “save our planet by ending our use of bees in honey production, and thereby helping to restore bee biodiversity amongst native and wild bees worldwide.”

The focus is on restoring balance to nature by not using bees in the manufacturing process and interfering with their lives and the ecosystem at large. Fully vegan honey means that the native bee population will rise, as the industry’s complete reliance on honeybees is causing them to vanish at an alarming rate. 

The supply chain will also benefit greatly as traditional honey production has staggered because of climate change and ever-increasing demand. MeliBio offers much-needed cruelty-free and environmentally friendly solutions. Their ethos is driven by ideas of sustainability and an understanding that the future of food is vegan. 

The company is taking orders starting from the end of 2021 and if you want to learn more about this innovative product, you can do so here. 

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