Maggie Baird And The Support + Feed Initiative 

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The coronavirus pandemic has forced everyone to change their lives and habit. During these hard times, there have been more and more acts of charity and attempts to help those that are more in need. 

Support + Feed Initiative 

Maggie Baird, mother of the famous pop star Billie Eilish has teamed up with a series of

 Support + Feed
Image: Support + Feed Facebook

vegan restaurants to help those that have been affected the most by this global pandemic. The initiative launched by Maggie Baird, called Support + Feed, aims to “help those in need during the COVID-19 crisis,” as the official website reports. 

Maggie Baird’s initiative would then support “Los Angeles, New York, and Philadelphia plant-basing restaurants who are suffering as a result of the current pandemic. It will also help “vetted charitable organizations & marginalized groups who have been greatly impacted by the crisis.” These will include; food banks, family and senior centres, children’s charities, hospital workers, homeless and domestic abuse shelters. 

Plant-Based Awareness

The final aim of Support + Feed is to “raise awareness and educate on the importance of a plant-based diet for the health of the planet. And to influence programs that feed those in need to provide at least 50% plant-based meals.” 

Maggie Baird has been particularly active since the beginning of the pandemic trying to help as many people as possible.

As she said in an Instagram post:

“Please help! You can “order” from any of these incredible plant-based restaurants. And the food will be delivered to a needy organization in a safe, coordinating way. When it works for them and with enough time for the restaurant to plan and prepare!”

One of the many acts of solidary from Maggie Baird was to deliver vegan food to the Martin Luther King Jr. Community Hospital and the Downtown Women’s Center in Los Angeles on Mother’s Day

Helping others has never been crucial during these hard and uncertain times. Donating to charities and helping initiatives seems to be the best thing. To do to actively help those who are more in need. 

Maggie Baird Support + Feed initiative is one of the various helping initiatives. That can actually do something to help overcome some of the many. And serious issues caused by the Covid-19 crisis. 

Greta Garatti
Greta Garatti
Greta Garatti is an Italian-born multimedia journalist. She is based in London where she studies journalism at City, University of London. She’s interested in nutrition, sustainability and social issues. Since she started studying journalism, she developed a great passion for veganism and health related topics.