LoveSeitan and Veggly join to give partner-seeking vegans protein-rich discounts

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UK seitan manufacturer LoveSeitan and leading vegan dating app Veggly have announced a new partnership today bringing plant-based protein discounts to love-searching vegans.

LoveSeitan and Veggly’s new partnership means British vegans on the search for love will get access to a range of LoveSeitan product discounts. This alliance is a consequence of seitan meat’s newfound popularity. Despite it only accounting for 4% of the European plant-based meat market, The Vegan Society estimates that seitan will double in value between 2019 and 2025, jumping from $70 million (£53 million) to $125 million (£94.8 million).

A high protein, low-fat, meaty-textured alternative, seitan is foreseen to top tofu and jackfruit on the plant-based meat rankings very soon. Veggly and LoveSeitan are joining together to ensure this move happens more swiftly.

“This is great news for seitan lovers looking for new love in their life,” Steve Swindon, co-founder of LoveSeitan, said.

A dating app now serving 32,500 users in the UK alone, Veggly will also be offering discounts to LoveSeitan customers. This entails 10 free coins, allowing users to send 10 ‘Super Likes’ for free.

Veggly was founded in an effort to make dating life easier for vegans, vegetarians and those aspiring to follow these lifestyles, to link with others like them nearby. It is currently the only dating app for vegans and vegetarians on offer on both Android and iOS.

“We hope to see plenty of Veg-Matches, success stories and new relationships for our customers come out of this new partnership,” Swindon added.

As the UK’s leading manufacturer of seitan, LoveSeitan produces all its wheat-based vegan meat in its BRC accredited facility. Its product range can be bought via its online shop, as well as be found in various food service businesses, restaurants, cafes and retail outlets.

“Seitan is a wonderful vegan food and we love helping create new relationships in the UK, so it is a perfect partnership for us. We’re very excited to see some new Veg-Matches for LoveSeitan customers across the country,” Alex Felipelli, Veggly’s founder, said.

Olivia Rafferty
Olivia Rafferty
Olivia is the Assistant Editor of The Vegan Review. An aspiring Middle Eastern correspondent currently studying journalism at City, University of London, she is passionate about the planet, she believes veganism is the first step to solving the complexities of climate change.