Loryma’s new wheat-based binding system improves authenticity of plant-based meat

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Loryma recently launched the Lory Bind-Range, a binding system designed to raise the quality of vegan meat alternatives.

Loryma, an ingredient-producing company based in Zwingenberg, Germany. It has just developed its latest binding system for vegan meat, using wheat to achieve optimal texture and consistency.

The functional binders within the Lory Bind-Range ultimately create the same properties as meat. But during the application and production process — these changed according to the type of product requested.

To achieve such a vast range of products, the binders combined with coatings, breading, or textures, to make sausages, cutlets, burgers, etc. With an irreversible internal structure, Loryma’s final products are ready-to-eat and can be consumed hot or cold.

Some wheat derivatives extracted from the binding process mimic raw meat. Which allows the products to grilled or pan-cooked, too.

Loryma’s managing director, Henrik Hetzer, told FoodNavigator: “Our methods are made from high-quality, regional raw materials, they are easy to use and promise effective results when it comes to creating successful products.”

One option it has explored is sausages. Using its high-intensity water technology. It obtains a film of water so strong it can bind together a synthetic sausage casing. Choosing water, though, also means the meat inside does not stick to the outer casing. That is making for much less dense sausage meat.

Another option is coated and breaded products, the company has researched. These include vegan cutlets, nuggets in tempura batter, or breaded chunks. Loryma’s system ensures the film of water-binding together the ingredients do not stick to the outside of the product. Instead, it only further improves the binding of the inside ingredients.

Loryma is a member of the Crespel & Deiters Group, a global producer of wheat proteins, starches, and functional blends. The group has now been running for over 40 years in the industry.

Olivia Rafferty
Olivia Rafferty
Olivia is the Assistant Editor of The Vegan Review. An aspiring Middle Eastern correspondent currently studying journalism at City, University of London, she is passionate about the planet, she believes veganism is the first step to solving the complexities of climate change.