London’s Pied À Terre Restaurant Launches Vegan Delivery Service

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London based Michelin starred restaurant Pied à Terre has just launched a vegan delivery service. The restaurant will now offer meals for delivery or collection every Saturday. The meals they will be offering will come from the restaurant vegan menu.

The Pied à Terre Vegan Feast, which is designed to feed two, includes three starter dishes, a main course, and a dessert and goes for £50. The menu rotates weekly so customers always have something different. And the menu includes dishes such as their bean salad, mushroom spelt risotto, classic ratatouille, and truffle soup and more.

David Moore, who owns the London hotspot says he launched the to-go service because of the inability for customers to dine at his restaurant due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking to Big Hospitality, he said “It’s unclear how and when our industry will emerge from COVID-19. But one thing is for certain—we all need to adapt and be ready to reach our customers in different ways. Pied à Terre Vegan is the perfect concept to enable us to do so. The traditional Pied à Terre offering is not right for delivery, but with the Vegan Feast, we can offer Londoners a sophisticated, refreshing alternative to dining out.”

How restaurants are adapting to COVID-19

Restaurants worldwide are adapting in various ways to the coronavirus pandemic after being forced to close their doors to help curb the spread of the virus. And because of this, some vegan eateries have gotten creative and have been creative in how they offer their dining experiences while obeying the coronavirus guidelines.

Last month, a vegan restaurant in Amsterdam experimented with a greenhouse dine-in experience. They created small glass greenhouses, which seat two. Another was a single-seat restaurant Bord för En—or Table for One which opened in the middle of a field in Värmland, Sweden. The restaurant serves only one guest at a time and features vegan food on their menu, which is delivered to the table via a rope operated basket.

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
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