Lindt to launch vegan milk chocolate in Germany

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Swiss confectionery giant Lindt will be launching a vegan chocolate range in Germany this Christmas.

Swiss chocolate company Lindt & Sprungli will be launching its very first line of vegan milk chocolate bars in Germany in time for Christmas this year.

Instead of conventional dairy milk, the bars will made from oat milk, making it dairy-free. Two variants will also be free of nuts, making them suitable for those with dairy allergies, vegans, and flexitarians.

The certified-vegan chocolate will launch as a part of the brand’s Hello line. It will available in three flavors, including Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Cookie. And wrapped in recyclable packing.

Lindt’s vegan chocolate bars will make its debut in November. And will initially drop in Germany for €2.99 ($3.39) per 100-gram bar.

It was last month when the company announced its intentions to launch the chocolates. But when and where the range would be released was unknown, until now.

Many confectionery companies catering to vegans, with Mars expanding its vegan range by launching the Mars Oat drink and the Galaxy and Bounty drinks last year. The same company also launched vegan Galaxy bars that wrapped in wood fibre, making it sustainable.

In February, Cadbury announced that a vegan milk chocolate bar is in the works and is set to launch during Veganuary next year. And Trader Joe’s revealed it also developing vegan milk chocolate bars.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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