Jon Venus Faces Backlash For Ditching Veganism

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Less than three years ago, bodybuilder and fitness vlogger, Jon Venus was dubbed one of the ‘world’s hottest vegans’ and amassed a large following on social media, gaining over 200,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel. 

Venus went vegan after watching a documentary on the animal agriculture industry and claims he has never looked back – until now.


Three days ago, the bodybuilder uploaded a video on his YouTube channel titled ‘I am no longer vegan’. In the video, Venus explains how his perspective shifted after himself and his partner expecting a child and how looking at scientific literature surrounding nutrition was confusing, meaning that different people can draw ‘opposite conclusions’. He then goes on to explain how it is difficult to find a ‘mutual point of view’ regarding the diet when you put into a ‘bubble’ of only listening to ideas that fit with your perspective.

And it is because of this; the vlogger felt that because now he is a father. He feels he must ‘get the full picture’ of veganism rather. Than looking at only pro-vegan ideas and generating a non-objective mindset. Venus also mentioned how there is little evidence behind going plant-based. And human health and alluded to having ‘health issues’ which he will not be talking about publicly. However, the influencer did say he will do all he can to help animals, as well as the planet.

Jon Venus

The video has generated over 100,000 views with a more considerable dislike to like ratio. With backlash from the vegan community. The bodybuilder’s brother, Leo Venus, who is a medical doctor, posted a video responding to his brother’s change. Dr. Venus says how Jon has had his ‘doubts’ for a while. And is his brother’s choice on whether he chooses to go plant-based or not. He also suggests this change in lifestyle may not ‘look the best for the vegan movement’. And many members of the anti-vegan movement might be celebrating over his shift.

But vegan advocate Joey Carbstrong is not too happy with Venus’ change and has branded him an ‘airhead’ and accused the bodybuilder of being more concerned with how he looks and his public image, than for animals. In a video, the advocate also questioned how exactly Venus would be helping the animals if he would be consuming them and warning his viewers to not listen to Jon but doctors and health experts instead.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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