Jimmy’s Famous Seafood Apologises for Tweeting Against Vegan Chef

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Seafood company Jimmy’s Famous Seafood has made its Twitter account public and tweeted an apology to plant-based chef Dominique Williamson and her mother, Montina Young Portis.

Jimmy’s Famous Seafood (JFS) had made its Twitter account private after receiving backlash for tweeting against plant-based chef and owner of the Vegan Hippie Café, Dominique Williamson, for her vegan crab cakes. The tweet prompted the chef to receive sexist and racist messages on her account and her company’s site.

However, the seafood company has made its account public and issued an apology to Williamson and Williamson’s mother, Montina Young Portis, who is CEO of CIA Media Group.

The company tweeted: “Over the weekend, we posted a Will Smith meme questioning vegan crab cakes, as we have for years. While we aren’t crazy about vegan recipes, we hate racists. We condemn anyone who insulted @veganhippiesol [Williamson]. We apologize to you & @justmontina [Portis], and wish you & your business the best.”

Williamson’s mother, Portis, defended her daughter on Twitter by replying with tweets of support, tweeting at JFS and exposing some of the messages the company has sent to the cafe and its customers in the past. 

The CEO was also vocal on her Instagram story. Portis warned that if a business were to go after hers, their platform “better be solid” due to her loyal fanbase, and she and her daughters can use their platforms to amplify their message. She also stated that JFS should know “who they were messing with”.

The CEO also said: “Use your platform to amplify your message. I stand for a message that I’m not gonna allow any small black business to be bullied, especially my own. I’m for the minority women better known that covers her own certified businesses. That’s me. The bullies bully.”

While Portis has accepted the apology, with JFS also praising her for being a “loving and passionate” mother, Williamson has not accepted it. When a supporter of JFS replied, stating that the company “did nothing wrong here”, the chef was quick to point out what the company has said in the past with comments that were aggressive, “fatphobic, racist and unprofessional”.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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