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Jack & Annie’s, made by The Jackfruit Company, is a new rising star in the meat alternative category – definitely one to look out for! In a bid for progression, its latest move is to launch three new frozen food products, which are, of course, made from the popular vegan plant, the jackfruit

New Crispy Jack Patties, Buffalo Jack Patties, and Crispy Gluten-Free Jack Tenders are the three products joining the Jack & Annie family, and are now available in grocery store freezer sections across the country. To find your nearest selling point, just try the store locator

“Our fans continue to ask for more chicken options, and we’re excited to meet their needs with these three new additions,” said Annie Ryu, CEO and founder of Jack & Annie’s. “By using jackfruit as our number one ingredient, we’re able to make foods that not only satisfy like meat, but that also are a good source of fibre and protein, lower in fat and calories than meat products, and simpler and less processed compared to other meat alternatives. Jackfruit has a naturally meaty texture, and also picks up flavours well, allowing for a versatile and delicious tasting experience.”

Serving Recommendations

So how does the company describe these new delights?

  • Crispy Jack Patties: Perfectly crispy and lightly seasoned, these patties are great on a bun or all on their own.
  • Buffalo Jack Patties: Just the right amount of zesty flavour with hints of vinegar and butter make this buffalo patty crave-worthy.
  • Crispy Gluten-Free Jack Tenders: Whether dunked in your favorite sauce or enjoyed on their own, these tenders are a unique and delicious gluten-free and meatless option with no sacrifice required on taste or texture.

To many, Jack & Annie’s stands out because of its commitment to jackfruit, which is a natural, and nutrient-rich plant known for its meaty texture and popularity amongst vegans. It’s also sustainable and regenerative meaning it’s a good product to consume in terms of caring for our planet. 

Jack & Annie’s new foods are available now at grocers nationwide, including Sprouts, HEB, Wegmans, Publix, Giant, and Stop & Shop.

Have you tried them? We’d love to hear your thoughts. 

Alice Soule
Alice Soule
Alice Soule is a Writer and Editor, and graduated with a BA in Social Policy. She is passionate about veganism and animal rights but equally has a love of sports, reading, and drinking tea. Alice is a perpetual dreamer and recently finished writing her first novel. As yet to be published...because she's already dreaming up the next story...