Veteran launches vegan-friendly perfume line

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After struggling with health issues and the post-war transition, two-time Iraq tour veteran Magda Khalifa has launched a vegan-friendly perfume line on the back of her bestseller memoir published last October.

The ‘Triangle Fragrance’ is vegan-friendly, cruelty-free and made with plant-based alcohol. The fragrance is also made without parabens, sulfates, triclosan, phthalates, mineral oil, or dyes. 

“From the battlefield through my post war journey, I realised the power of smells and scents. I set out to create unique, beautiful fragrances that correspond to the points of the Freedom Triangle,” said Khalifa. 

Inspired by the Freedom Triangle, the Triangle Fragrance line currently consists of ‘Confidence’ for women, and ‘Victory’ for men. Khalifa plans on launching the next Triangle Fragrances – ‘the white line’ this summer. 

The vegan-friendly perfumes are made in America and are of the highest quality, insisted Khalifa, “It is fundamental to my values and to the brand that the fragrances are made in America, and that ingredients and production reflect a very high quality.”

With an already unique story, the brand goes one step further by using models from all walks of life on their instagram account. 

“It is an honour to share the stories of many great Americans who literally embody the spirit of the fragrance they represent,” said Khalifa.

It will also be music to many vegan ears that there is now another fully ethical and cruelty-free fragrance brand to buy from. Historically, it has been hard to find luxury scents that align with compassionate lifestyles, but this is a tangible and great-smelling option.

Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson
Damoy Robertson is an entrepreneur and founder of The Vegan Review. Damoy is dedicated to spreading veganism to the masses which he believes will enable people to make better, more informed decisions concerning the way we all interact with animals and our planet.