The Importance of Social Media Activism During The Lockdown

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Would worldwide veganism have prevented the coronavirus?

With the threat of Covid-19 and the lockdown implemented globally, more and more people are opening up to the idea of veganism. For vegans, now is a great time to take to the internet and spread the vegan message. We cannot be on the streets, but we can go online. And we can make a change.  

vegan social media activism

Social media is such a powerful too. It is the way in which the world communicates. We need to inform the world that this outbreak stems directly from mankind’s mistreatment and abuse of animals. With some Chinese cities implementing bans on the consumption of wildlife, the question stands: would this outbreak have happened if the world were vegan? Although mainstream media will never say this directly, vegans have the power to spread the word. It is our responsibility to spread the word across every account we have because it could make non-vegans reconsider the industries they support. 

The power of Social Media 

And this is exactly why social media activism is so important. It is a vessel in which to share information that would not ordinarily have been made available. Awareness is raised through the process, awareness about the plight of the animals and our present situation. The information can connect people to the truth. 

“COVID-19 would not exist if the world was vegan. Your personal choice to eat animals impacts every living being on this planet’’ 

On 15th March, popular vegan activist Earthing Ed shared a graphic via Instagram attempting to do exactly that with the above quote. There are many vegan influencers who have a large platform on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. They reach thousands of people with their content and personal hashtags. They have such an important role to play in the animal rights movement, and they have spoken at length about Covid-19 and veganism, but we must not leave it entirely to them. 

vegan social media activism

Our personal reach to family members and friends means we can influence those closest to us, now more than eve. Our individual platforms, no matter how small are powerful. And it is imperative that we each use them to spread the vegan message. 

Making links with other vegans 

There are other advantages of it too. It allows us to connect with the vegan community at large and discover people who are also working for the same goal of animal liberation. We can plant seeds in the minds of non-vegans that follow us, and we can also inspire other vegans to get involved in activism. Social media is an effective rallying tool and can help get more activists on the streets. Greta Thunberg is the best example. Thousands flocked to her cause and supported the climate strikes once her name became known through social media. 

Although we can not be out there now doing direct activism, we can promote the benefits of doing so once this has all passed and share as much information as possible in the meantime. We can spread information about the current pandemic through our social media activism efforts. We can tell people the truth.

Sean Barrs
Sean Barrs
Sean is a vegan activist and academic. He is writing his English Literature PhD thesis on the politics of diet. He is also an ultra-runner and a proud member of Vegan Runners UK. In the past, he has written for numerous publications including Plant Based News. He came to The Vegan Review to help promote the work of others, he is especially interested in writing on individuals who advocate for the vegan lifestyle through sports and other forms of activism.