If you’re looking for the best luxury vegan clothing…look no further than Will’s

When people ask us where the best place to buy vegan-friendly clothing is, there’s one name in particular that comes immediately to mind. 

It’s a unique store that offers luxury vegan products that are well-made and genuinely beautiful to look at.

Will’s Vegan Store

When we first contacted Will’s Vegan Store, it was to include their range in a feature on vegan luxury brands. But, already being a long-term fan of their products, we felt it would be better to show just what the team is capable of. 

And as with many people when you first become vegan, the search for shoes is real. I remember back in the day, scouring the internet, desperately intent on finding a company that matched some of the more high-end brands available to those wanting leather shoes. I love shoes…and bags…and really wanted to replicate the styles and materials I was previously used to buying. 

Then I struck gold.

Sustainable, Ethical Vegan Lifestyle 

Will’s Vegan Store was founded in 2013 by Will Green.

The notion behind the company is to create fashion and accessories that also initiate a positive change in the world. 

Everything made by Will’s is certified as carbon neutral with products being ethically made in Italy or Portugal under European Union employment, discrimination, as well as health and safety laws. They have a focus on using sustainable materials and where possible, always opt for natural and recycled varieties.  

What particularly inspires us with this company is that they don’t create fashion for a trend; it’s more of a fashion that remains relevant throughout the seasons. Meaning they devise ranges that will stand as investment pieces, with the aim of consumers buying less but using each piece more often. What we also love is Will’s Vegan Store’s commitment to ensuring their carbon neutral stance transfers through to delivery. Packaging in plastic-free paper and cardboard; even the tape is plastic-free. And when you’re finished with your product, you can even send it back to be recycled and repurposed. How great is that?

Will’s Products

Will’s commits to replicating the materials most often seen in non-vegan brands. Such as vegan wool and leather alternatives. They sent me this beautiful Vegan Wool Hooded Coat to showcase their “wool” material but they also have leather skirts, leather jackets and the cosiest looking vegan shearling coats

Their shoe range contains hiking shoes, trainers, boots and the smartest brogues you could find anywhere in the industry (both women’s and men’s). 

Our Thoughts

As with all other Will’s products, the coat itself is certified carbon neutral. It was made in Italy and has a perfectly stitched label denoting the location on the inner lining. It doesn’t feel heavy but when worn, the denseness of the material means it’s lovely and warm inside. The detailing on the cuffs adds to the unique look, with the stitching and material itself perfect in appearance. 

Again, we were lucky enough to receive a pair of Will’s Rio trainers and as with the coat, have been really impressed with the standard of production.

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