How easy is it to get vegan meal delivery in London?

Getting something tasty delivered to your door is rarely an issue, but what if you are a strict vegan, living in London and needing some sustenance?

The explosion of fresh food subscription services has been hard to ignore, but few sought to cater to vegan audiences, at least to begin with. Of course, getting fast food delivered has never really been an issue, especially not in busy cities like London, but what about healthy meals? More to the point, what if plant-based meals are needed?

The luxury of getting nutritious meals delivered to your door shouldn’t be out of reach just because you choose an ethical diet, which is why vegan meal delivery services have come to the rescue in places like London.

The need for convenience

In an ideal world, we would all have plenty of time to sit and write meal plans for ourselves and our families. We could then luxuriate around the supermarket and create culinary masterpieces to be marvelled at. In reality, we are a busy bunch, with children, careers and countless other commitments that push cooking good food to the back of the priority queue.

The result? Quick and unhealthy meals that leave us snacking later and not understanding why we aren’t sleeping well or ever really feeling at the top of our game. It’s a vicious cycle but it can be broken with the right nutrition. 

Vegan ready meals are an answer to the question of how to deal with our complex daily schedules, as are recipe box services that seek to offer easy ways to reduce the time preparing dinner every night, by having everything needed to hand.

See how UK supermarkets are embracing the vegan ready meal trend.

Who offers vegan meal delivery in London?

vegan meal delivery

Anyone subscribing to plant-based diets or simply looking to increase their intake of vegan food can benefit from the convenient and cost-effective vegan food boxes that are now available. With prices starting from just £1 per meal — depending who you sign up with — frozen meals, fresh ingredients and easy to follow recipes are available through the following:

Hello Fresh

Offering a discount on the first order placed, Hello Fresh is one of the original meal delivery services and has kept up with the market demand for more plant-based food options, rather than simply vegetarian ones. Great for budding chefs, it encourages you to take a little time and care with your ingredients.


The name says it all, and allplants doesn’t disappoint. Delivering throughout London and the UK, it curates exciting weekly meal plans that even the most novice cooks will be able to manage. How? By supplying ready meals that just need to be reheated. Nothing could be simpler.

Check out allplants’s picks for the best vegan chocolates in the UK.

Mindful Chef

Listed as the UK’s number one recipe box service, Mindful Chef prides itself on no cheap filler ingredients and catering for gluten-free needs. Mindful indeed, and local ingredients are supplied too.

What’s the moral of the story here? To get prepared and consider a recipe or ready meal subscription service in place of quick fixes or junk food. A little treat now and then does you no harm, but fuel your body efficiently and you might be surprised at how much better you perform in every facet of your life.

Read our story on Get Vegan Grub, an ethical food delivery service expanding to London.

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