Eco startup launches refillable cleaning products

Household cleaning company ‘Homethings’ has launched a Kickstarter campaign with their range of refillable cleaning products. 

The founders behind the company noticed that the average cleaning product contains up to 90% water, making it not worth the price and are made from single-use plastic, which contributes to the landfill. To fix this issue, Homethings have produced cleaning tablets that are certified vegan, natural, cruelty-free, and environmentally friendly.

Homethings refillable cleaning bottlesThe company sells three types of tablets: ‘Allthings,’ an all-purpose cleaner made with grapefruit and mandarin, ‘Baththings,’ a bathroom cleaner made with lavender and tonka bean and ‘Shinythings,’ a glass and mirror cleaner with peony. They also sell spray bottles made from glass. You simply fill up your bottle with tap water, drop a tablet in, watch it fizz and clean away. The company will send you a starter kit with three 500ml glass bottles and one tablet from each product group, and you will be able to buy refill packs on a subscription basis. 

The brand strives to be non-toxic by ensuring their tablets do not contain harsh chemicals. They also guarantee their product have a low impact on the environment by providing their products are free from single-use plastic, and their packaging and products waste-free. Their spray bottles are made out of reusable high borosilicate glass and the trigger from 100% PP Plastic. The products are also a productive long-term economic investment as you are only paying for the cleaning product and not the ‘90% water.’

You can buy Homethings on Kickstarter right now via the link below. 

Project link:

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