Turning bio-waste into renewable cooking gas and fertilisers

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HomeBioGas manufactures products that use biodigesters to transform waste into products for families, farmers and the food industry.

The contributing factors to our deteriorating planetary health are countless and they continue to rise. The consequences are in the form of the climate change crisis, forest fires, global warming, and much more. Whether it’s transportation pollution, plastic waste, or factory farming, it is almost impossible to see an end to these factors.

Another major threat to our environment and our lives are solid wastes. The world produces approximately 2.01 billion tonnes of solid waste every year, which amounts to around 0.11kg to 4.54kg per person. Discarding the potato peels, leftover takeaway, broken furniture, and the bottle of Coke won’t look like that much to one person, but it significantly adds up to the mountain of waste.

So, what can we do to do our part in waste management and ultimately protecting our planet in our everyday lives? There are several answers to this question. Governments have banned single-use plastic, while non-governmental organisations conduct beach cleanups, for instance. Recycling is another fantastic method of eco-conscious living and many people have added that to their daily lives.

But, as noble as recycling may sound, there isn’t much guarantee and security that tells an individual that their recycled glass and plastic waste is, in fact, being recycled. So, what are some trustworthy and reliable ways to reduce waste management at an individual level? Instead of throwing away your potato peels, orange peels, and other organic waste, recycle them.

One solution lies in the environmentally friendly invention and product by HomeBioGas, an Israeli company that produces and sells eco-friendly waste management products. The company was created in 2012 by three friends who envisioned a world where renewable resources were the norm and they were freely available to everyone. Today, HomeBioGas products are found worldwide in over 90 countries, including India, China, Israel, Palestine, and many more.

The company’s primary product ideation was surrounding biodigestion and turning waste into valuable and reusable components. So, the founders of HomeBioGas began by testing the then-available biodigester designs and found that the systems had several limiting factors. Thus, their journey into building an easy to install, durable, and efficient biogas generator began.

bio waste recylingHomeBioGas has three primary bio-waste management and conversion products: HomeBioGas 2.0, HomeBioGas 7.0, and Bio-Toilet.

The HomeBioGas 2.0 was the first refined and commercially viable product that recycles your organic waste and converts it into a renewable energy source. The biogas turns food leftovers and cooking waste such as vegetable peels, meat, fish, and even animal manure into cooking gas.

Along with feeding organic waste into the biogas, you must also add equal amounts of water to it. The HomeBioGas 2.0 has a 1500-litre digester tank and a 600-litre gas tank, which can consume up to 6 litres of kitchen waste and 45 litres of manure and water every day. You can use a single burner cooking stove for up to 2 hours daily. The system comes with a small biogas stove that you can use instead of your traditional cooking stove.

HomeBioGas 2.0, designed for individuals and families, works to reduce methane and greenhouse gas emissions from organic waste. Moreover, the waste conversion can also be used as fertiliser for your home gardens.

HomeBioGas 7.0 is similar to the 2.0, but designed for commercial use. So, restaurants, hotels, and farmers can use this product to transform their daily bio-waste into fertilisers and cooking gas.

Producing renewable energy isn’t just limited to food waste and animal waste. The company also has a Bio-Toilet that converts human waste into renewable biogas for cooking. It requires far less work as compared to a compostable toilet, as it uses a standing water source that flushes for you and sends the waste into a biogas system, which converts the waste for you.

The company has also introduced green initiatives into several developing countries including projects in Rwanda and Cameroon. HomeBioGas products work to bring about sustainable practices into people’s lives by creating affordable and clean energy as well as clean water and sanitation.