Hippeas Re-Launch Tortilla Chips and Add a New Flavour

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Hippeas are loved for their awesome name and their delicious flavour. And now, the brand is expanding its repertoire with the relaunch of its enhanced Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Chip line, alongside the debut of a new flavour; namely Sea Salt and Lime. 

Not only is there a new flavour, Hippeas have improved their tortilla chips to have more of a crunch, and a superior texture that’s possibly closer to a traditional tortilla chip. 

Paul Nardone, Hippeas CEO, commented: “The improved Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Chip line fulfills direct consumer feedback, and we are really proud about where we landed with this innovation.

“This product really stands up well next to its mainstream competitor from a taste and texture standpoint, but that’s where the comparisons end because Hippeas Chickpea Tortilla Chips are organic and vegan and contain both protein and fibre and no artificial colours, flavours or ingredients of any kind,” he continued.

Known to be gluten-free, USDA certified organic, and of course, vegan, you can find the new style of Hippeas on their own website, on Amazon, as well as at retail stores nationwide. 

So which flavours are available…

Firstly, Straight Up Sea Salt, which is nice and simple and absolutely perfect for dipping.

There’s also Rockin’ Ranch, giving off a great cool flavour and offering up 7g of protein in a single bag. 

Finally, there’s the new Sea Salt and Lime. Even just the name makes our taste buds tingle, it’s such a fantastic combination of zesty flavours. 

If tortillas aren’t for you then you may prefer the Hippea Puffs which come in Vegan White Cheddar, Nacho Vibes, Bohemian Barbecue, and Srirachi Sunshine. 

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Alice Soule
Alice Soule
Alice Soule is a Writer and Editor, and graduated with a BA in Social Policy. She is passionate about veganism and animal rights but equally has a love of sports, reading, and drinking tea. Alice is a perpetual dreamer and recently finished writing her first novel. As yet to be published...because she's already dreaming up the next story...