Here are the finalists for the World Plant-Based Awards 2020

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FoodBev Media’s World Plant-Based Awards, in association with Plant Based World, is having its first event this October. Here are the finalists.

The first global awards event for vegan food, the World Plant-Based Awards, has announced its finalists. To be announced at 5pm on October 2 in a virtual ceremony, the event has 15 categories.

The awards are in association with Plant Based World, which holds the annual veganism conference and expo. There were a total of 222 entries from 24 countries, with 74 making it to the finals.

Matthew Rushton, marketing manager of FoodBev Media, which is hosting the awards, said the awards celebrate some of the most ambitious new plant-based products of 2020 from both startups and established brands.

“After witnessing the quality of entries in our first year hosting the World Plant-Based Awards, it is clear that innovation in this sector is booming. To see over 200 entries from around the world also confirms what we predicted, that not only is the plant-based market a truly international one, it is one that will continue to grow,” he said.

This isn’t the only vegan awards event. Food Manufacture launched a plant-based award as part of its Excellence Awards, and Alternative Awards is a new body commemorating sustainable vegan food.

Among the categories are best alternatives for meat, dairy products and milk, best plant-based startup, business, packaging and sustainability, as well as best vegan snack, seafood and protein, among others.

The finalists for the plant-based awards include Lightlife Foods, Bright Barley, Good Catch Foods, Eat JUST and ALDI. Here’s the full list:

Best dairy product alternative

Jokilaakson Juusto – Ilo Cashew Black Pepper
Planet Oat – Oatmilk
Norseland – Mexicana Vegan
LoveRaw – Vegan Chocolate for Unvegan Vegans
Nuts For Cheese – Plant-based cheeses
Rucksack Foods – OATzarella
The Vegan Dairy – Hemp Smoked Mozzarella
Upfield UK – Elmlea Plant

Best meat alternative

Lightlife Foods – Lightlife Plant-Based Burgers
Hooray Foods – Plant-Based Bacon
Tiba Tempeh – BBQ Burger
Next Foods – NEXT! Bacon
Food Nation – Food Nation
Plantcraft – Pepperoni

Best milk alternative

Bright Barley Drinks – Barley ‘Mylks’
Avo 88 – avocadomilk
Devon Garden – Plant-Powered Milk
Sensible Foods – Bambara Milk
Take Two Foods – Barleymilk

Best plant-based beverage

Bright Barley Drinks – Barley Shakes
Laird Superfood – Pineapple Mango HYDRATE Coconut Water
Milk 2.0 – Chocolate Milk
Veganz Group AG – Protein Drink Buttermilk Mango Style
Biomel – Dark Chocolate Shots
Tonik Nutrition – Tonik Plant

Best plant-based business 

Infinite Foods – Infinite Foods
Gardein – Gardein
LoveRaw – Vegan Chocolate for Unvegan Vegans
Meatless Farm – Meatless Farm

Best plant-based condiment

In The Buff – Plant Based Protein Ketchup
Plant Perks – Plant Based Cheeze Spreads
Fabalish – Vegan Tzatziki Aquafaba Sauce

Best plant-based dessert/confectionery

Mallow Puffs – Mallows dunked in Belgian dark chocolate
Fabalous – Organic Hazelnut & Cocoa Chickpea Spread
Super Cubes – Superfood Purèe
Dolfin UK Ltd – My Sweet Chickpea
Wonderlab’s Doozy – Doozy Pots

Best plant-based functional product

ALDI – exclusive Simply Nature Organic Bean Pasta: Edamame Spaghetti, Black Bean Spaghetti, Soybean Spaghetti
Laird Superfood – Medium Roast Ground Mushroom Coffee
Velobar – CBD Protein Bar
Chobani – Probiotic
Fulfill Food & Beverages – Karuna Focus, Plus Turmeric Synergy Coffee
Planeteer – incrEDIBLE spoons you eat

Best plant-based non-food product 

Bamboo Europe – 100% natural straws bamboo fibre
RAP – This Map Tray
BeeBee & Leaf – Plant based wax food wraps

Best plant-based packaging

Food Nation – Food Nation Packaging
Planeteer  – incrEDIBLE spoons you eat
Lyspackaging – Veganbottle
RAP – Precious Planet Range

Best plant-based protein

Lightlife Foods – Lightlife Buffalo Tempeh Strips
Good Catch Foods – Plant-Based Tuna in Water
Eat JUST, Inc – Folded JUST Egg
Meatless Farm – Meat Free Breakfast Sausages
OmniFoods – OmniPork Mince
Plantcraft – Pâté
Gold&Green – Pulled Oats

Best plant-based seafood

New Wave Foods – New Wave Shrimp
Sol Cuisine – Crispy Tempura F’sh Fillets
Good Catch Foods – Plant-Based Tuna in Water
Vegan Finest Foods – Vegan ZeaStar Zalmon Sashimi

Best plant-based snack

Creative Nature – HazelNOT Gnawbles
Field Roast – Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets
Functional Foods Pvt – Plant Protein Lupin Veggie Stix
Munchy Pops – Plant-based Crunchy Snack
Alpha Foods – Chik’n Nuggets
Plant Perks – Plant Based Cheeze Spreads

Best plant-based start-up

Bright Barley – Bright Barley
Vegums – Multivitamin Gummy For Vegans
Fabalish – Fabalish
Hooray Foods – Plant-Based Bacon

Best plant-based sustainability

Planeteer – incrEDIBLE spoons you eat
DuPont – Plant Proteins
Jenny Wren – Fabulous Fondants
Tetra Pak – Best Practice Line for Juice, Nectars and Still Drinks with Aseptic Blending
Veganz Group AG – Sustainability Label EATERNITY/Pizza Verdura

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Anay Mridul
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