Halo Burger Partners With Vegan Ice Cream DÁPPA

Halo Burger, ‘the ultimate plant-based fast food’ recently announced a collaboration with vegan ice cream brand DÁPPA.

What Ice Cream Can I Get?

Their latest collaboration with DAPPA’s chilling decadent desserts brings ice cream and milkshakes. The ice cream flavours include Strawberry Cheesecake, Peanut Butter Cup, and Double Chocolate Soft Serve. 

This comes after their last year’s season of deep-frying Magnum vegan ice lollies.

Vegan Milkshakes

If ice cream is not your kind of thing, don’t worry. They also offer brand new three milkshake flavours. Chocolate, Malted Vanilla and Peanut Butter are the three delicious flavours that you can get. 

Halo Burger says: ‘’Burgers and milkshakes are a perfect combo and with the beautiful weather, we are having there’s nothing quite like a juicy Halo Burger washed down with a creamy DÁPPA shake.

‘’Both are currently at our Shoreditch site, only with shakes available for take out and delivery, soft-serve ice cream for take out only. Coming to Brixton before too long!’’

Who is DÁPPA?

This plant-based ice cream brand is on a mission to redefine ice cream. Leaving dairy ice cream with a simple message: ‘’Dear dairy: we love ice cream and appreciate your role in enabling this beautiful creation, but the world is changing fast. It’s time to hang up the milking gloves and leave those teats alone! ‘’

Their ice cream recipe uses almonds and cashews to ensure ‘’rich and creamy’’ experience.

Halo Burger’s Menu

Beyond Meat that looks, cooks and tastes like meat is not the only thing that makes these dirty and greasy burgers so irresistible. Their signature melted cheese, cheese sauce and caramelised onions wrapped up in a soft bun with fresh vegetables is definitely the ultimate recipe to a happy heart of every vegan. 

Quarter Pounder, The Halo Burger, Smoky Carolina BBQ, Cheeseburger, Hamburger are the five classics from which you can choose your perfect fit.

Their newest Katsu Burger offers a twist on Japanese fusion by including deep-fried vegan gouda, umami mayo, shredded cabbage and Tonkatsu sauce. 

They also offer the popular This Isn’t Chicken in the form of nuggets with a choice of a dipping sauce.

The cherry on top are their ‘’Don’t Have a Cow Fries’’ loaded with melted cheese, signature sauce and caramelised onion.

Where can I get Halo Burger?

The decadent menu is available both in the Brixton and Shoreditch branches with an interior styled in 80s aesthetic.

The debut branch in Pop Brixton is a smaller fast-food style burger joint offering a quick bite. Shoreditch branch has a bigger inside seating area and is located just steps away from Old Street station.

While coronavirus stopped many businesses from keeping their doors open, Shoreditch and Brixton restaurants are still available for delivery and take away.