Gotham Greens Opens Greenhouses In The Mountains

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Worldwide urban agriculture and a leading regional producer of hyper-local greenhouse-grown vegetables Gotham Greens announced today of their official opening of its new greenhouse in the Mountain Region in the Denver area of USA.

The company use greenhouses in cities across America, to grow a year-round supply of local produce – even in the winter. According to their website, they use greenhouses as they require fewer resources and less waste. As the indoor farming facilities are powered by the sun and the wind and are climate-controlled, it allows the indoor agriculture pioneers to produce clean and quality foods that are made sustainably. Gotham Greens grow a variety of ‘salad greens’ and herbs, but they have also used their produce to make salad dressings and sauces.

The new greenhouse will cover 30,000 square foot of land in the Denver Metro area. They will also deliver a supply of fresh ‘greens’ to retailers, restaurants and foodservice customers across seven states in the Mountain Region.

By expanding their greenhouses, Gotham Greens is creating 30 green jobs in the Denver area. They are also using this as an opportunity to deliver their produce during the current situation and are providing ‘healthy and fresh food options’ that are made sustainably.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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