Forager Project brings Dairy-Free Kids Yoghurt pouches to the market

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Finally, the dairy-free yoghurt product many vegan parents have been waiting for! Or at least, I have…

Forager Project, an organic, plant-based, family-owned creamery, has launched a range of new dairy-free Organic Kids Cashewmilk Yoghurt pouches. These are made specifically with children in mind and contain probiotics, calcium and vitamins D, A, and B12.  

Perfect for packed lunches or snacks, there are currently three flavours available at Whole Foods Markets as well as other grocery stores; Berry Berry, Strawberry and Mango.

Kid-approved yoghurt

This is Forager Project’s first kids-specific product line, joining favourites such as spoonable and drinkable yoghurts, cheeses, smoothies, milk and sour cream. As is evident when out shopping, there are very few vegan options like this that are specially made for children. So it’s great to see Forager Project stepping up with their Dairy-Free Kids Yoghurt and filling a gap that many parents have been waiting for.  

Aimed at kids aged three and up, each one comes in a single-serve 3.2oz pouch. It’s mess-free, low in sugar and maybe more importantly, certified USDA Organic, vegan, dairy-free, gluten-free and soy-free. 

“We hear from our fans about how much they love our spoonable and drinkable dairy-free yogurts, so it only made sense to make a kid-approved version,” said Stephen Williamson, Forager Project Co-Founder and CEO. “In speaking with parents, ‘organic’ is one of the most important attributes they look for when shopping for their kids’ food. We are excited to provide parents with an option we know their kids will love, and expand our product offerings to make Forager Project a brand the whole family can enjoy.”


Keeping in mind the environmental and sustainable impact of production, Forager Project works with farms in Cambodia, Vietnam, the Ivory Coast and India in order to obtain sustainable organic cashews for all of their products. More specifically, Forager Project cashews are sourced from small farming cooperatives that care about their workers and produce only the highest quality of cashew. 

Dairy-free yoghurt market

It’s no wonder that a product like this has been made. As we previously reported, the global vegan yoghurt market size is expected to reach $6.5bn by 2027, expanding at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.9%.  It’s the perfect way to easily fill up on useful vitamins and minerals, children love it and well…it tastes really good. What’s not to love?!

We look forward to other brands following trend and further expanding the kid’s dairy-free yoghurt potential.


Alice Soule
Alice Soule
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