Foodologie review: vegan 5-a-day pots by Soupologie

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We tried all the products from Souplogie’s new range of vegan pots, Foodologie, and reviewed them for flavour and texture.

Health-focussed vegan soup brand Soupologie has released its new line of plant-based pots and snacks, Foodologie.

The Plant Pots are 400g meals for one that fulfil five-a-day requirements, while the Snack Pots are available in 250g. They are all low-fat or fat-free, with low carbs, calories and salt.

We reviewed all the products in Soupologie’s new range. Here’s what we thought.

Plant Pots

Bountiful Burrito Bowl

vegan burrito bowlUnlike regular burrito bowls, this one is soupy. The combination of the black bean and sweet potato is an absolute delight, with the latter cooked perfectly until tender. But it’s the coriander that steals the show in this dish. Mixed with the paprika and fenugreek, it effuses notes of cumin.

The sweetcorn is a welcome addition, providing a much-needed crunch to the bowl. It’s packed with 11g of protein, and the flavour is wonderful. This Foodologie bowl is warm and comforting. It just needs a pinch more salt to bring out the flavours even more.


Greek Style Briami

greek briamiThis take on the Greek version of ratatouille is, much like the Chilli Verde, somewhat watery and lacking spice flavour. The aubergine’s a little chewy in places; it’s cooked inconsistently. But the chickpeas are the star of the dish, adding texture as well as protein, which clocks up at 11g. Still, that doesn’t make up for the lack of flavour.


Lentil and Turmeric Daal

lentil and turmeric daalGrowing up in India, I’ve eaten all kinds of dal, so I was excited about this one. Unlike most such bowls, the turmeric isn’t overpowering or unpleasant; it hits the right notes. The tomato and coriander are bright and the salt levels are on point.

Even with the turmeric, this isn’t yellow in colour like most dals, but rather a deep orange. It’s more liquidy than the rest, which, given the nature of the dish, is a good thing. The acidity is perfect and takes it to a whole new level. Foodologie’s dal is deeply comforting.


Roasted Roots with Spinach and Kale

roasted rootsThe sauce here is fantastic, but the sweet potato overpowers the dish. While the parsnips are a great addition, they taste a lot more like carrots. But in tandem, the whole pot works great; it’s earthy and full of texture, with the right amount of sweetness.


Super-charged Chilli Verde

chilli verdeA chilli based on greens and vegetables, this surprisingly smells a lot like an Indian curry. It’s quite heavy on the peas, and the seasoning and spice levels aren’t as high as you’d like. That makes the post taste a little watery; there’s just not enough flavour to go around.


Snack Pots

Carrot Bourguignon

carrot bourguignonA vegan spin on the French classic, Foodologie’s bourguignon leaves a strong aroma of a classic butter and onion tomato sauce, with some red wine splashed in. While the wine, carrots and agave amp up the dish’s sweetness, it’s almost too much.

The softened texture of the carrots is brilliant, but the consistency of the whole snack pot is a little gritty. There’s a lot going on here, and not everything works as well.



jambalayaThis is super acidic, and that’s a positive. The tomato shines through with its sweetness and acidity, it’s complemented nicely by the red pepper and rice. This Jambalaya has a delicious mix of black beans and chickpeas. The only problem is that there isn’t more of it.


Yunnan Noodles

yunnan noodlesFoodologie’s riff on the famous crossing-the-bridge noodle soup from Yunnan is delightful. I love the sight hit of heat and ginger. The cabbage, mushrooms and noodles make for a complex and interesting texture. There’s crunchy, there’s chewy, and there’s melt-in-the-mouth. But it’s screaming for some salt. A little more of that and this is a knockout.



Soupologie’s new line is, for the most part, delicious. The Plant and Snack Pots cover a diverse range of cuisines, and turn some classics into nutritious superfood. Foodologie’s products are available at Tesco, with the Plant Pots priced at £2.40 and Snack Pots at £1.70. Given how fulfilling they are, that’s very good value.

The brand recommends heating the products up on a saucepan, or in a microwave for around three minutes. We recommend the former, as the microwave heat can leave some fumes of melted plastic.

Foodologie’s vegan food pots serve as great pick-me-ups. They’re warm and comforting, and the dishes are very flavourful, making for wonderful quick meals.

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Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
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