Flora Buttery is no longer vegan, as brand adds buttermilk to new recipe

In an announcement that has shocked and disappointed the vegan community, Flora has revealed that it will — once again — be adding buttermilk to its previously plant-based butter alternative.

Producing its buttery spread with no animal products — since 2019 — Flora became a go-to brand for many vegans. With the Vegan Society-approved logo clearly emblazoned on the packaging — alongside proclamations of being made from “100% plant goodness” — consumers have been able to buy with confidence, but things are about to change dramatically.

As of October 17, 2020, Flora Buttery will no longer be suitable for vegans or anybody seeking to cut dairy from their diet. Flora said: “Having listened to a significant number of consumers who miss the familiar taste of buttermilk in Flora Buttery, some customers are not ready to join the plant-based journey yet and are seeking an alternative product.”

The company further explained: “The new recipe includes a small amount of buttermilk which is clearly labelled on the front of the new pack and is also highlighted in the ingredients. The new variant of the product does not include the Vegan Society’s certification logo.”

Check out our story on how Flora became vegan.


Acknowledging that the loss of a mainstream butter alternative will be a disappointment to many, Flora is seeking to remind consumers that the vast majority of its other products remain vegan-friendly. Suitable options include Flora Original and Flora Light — both of which are certified dairy-free and being touted as enjoying improved recipes and added benefits.

Vegans across the UK have responded to the news with a mixture of disappointment and anger, taking to Flora’s social media channels to express their disbelief. From calls to boycott all ranges from the brand through to simply reiterating what a backwards move this is — especially after what must have been a costly company-wide vegan rebrand — it remains to be seen how hard Flora will be hit. We only have to remember how much Rude Health was affected when the vegan community shunned it back in 2017.

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