F.A.K.E. Movement: Pop-up fashion events for a more ethical and sustainable future

F.A.K.E. Movement brings vegan fashion brands together to support and help each other, towards an ethical and sustainable future for us, the animals and the planet.

On Sunday, October 4, F.A.K.E. Movement (which stands for Fashion for Animal Kingdom and Environment) organised a pop-up vegan fashion event streamed live on YouTube and Facebook, one of many virtual events the group has produced this year.

They were recently part of VegFest LAโ€™s virtual and real-life event, Smmmile Festival, in Paris, France’s first vegan festival.

Presented by Jonathan Ohayon, founder of the F.A.K.E movement, the episode featured interviews with Astrid Prรฉvost of Up’Swing, who makes vegan eco-friendly kids shoes; Cรฉcile Vincent of Senza, who makes vegan leather bags; and Joey Pringle of Veshin factory, who also makes vegan leather bags and accessories.

“We can all take little steps to improve the world,” said Prรฉvost, who only launched Up’Swing last year, and has just been featured in Vogueโ€™s top five vegan shoes for this autumn.

From children’s shoes to rock, punk, goth and witchy-inspired bags made from pineapple and cactus leather, Senzaโ€™s founder Vincent brings a sense of rebelliousness to her work. “It’s very important for me, feminism speciesism and environmental protection, so I decided to take all those issues close to my heart to give messages to people with my bags,” she said.


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Pringle ultimately wants to see vegan leather companies become the “bigger brands on the planet”, but he said: “There are a lot of [leather] brands existing on the planet right now and they just need to shift their consciousness and the way they think and become greener.โ€

Pringleโ€™s company not only produces and develops vegan products, it advocates meditation and wellness, supports beach cleaning and tree-planting initiatives and much more, with the ultimate goal to become one of the greenest factories on the planet.

These are just three of the many members of F.A.K.E, also known as FAKERs, from all around the world, all focused on ethical and sustainable fashion.

Not only does F.A.K.E. organise events, pop-ups, and appear at vegan fests, the group takes part in activism, trade shows and fashion shows. It also created a vegan museum in LA and hosts virtual panels. It can be found in LA, Tel Aviv and Paris, with a virtual presence worldwide.

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