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Vegan ice cream brand Fravocado’s founders are launching a new delivery service for plant-based frozen food and desserts across the UK.

The founders of Fravocado, the avocado-based vegan ice cream company, are venturing into a new delivery service for frozen vegan food and desserts.

Having launched in 2018 from founder Becky Osborne’s home, Fravocado now has a production unit supplying independent stores across the UK with vegan avocado ice cream. It also made its way into retailers like Waitrose.

Speaking exclusively to The Vegan Review, Fravocado and Frozenly co-owner Gabriel Osborne says the frozen delivery service came a result of retail outlets closing due to lockdown: “We wanted to get our ice cream out to consumers and started looking into shipping options. In order to make it financially viable, we had to set a minimum spend that we thought would potentially eliminate a lot of our consumers. Given the current climate, we didn’t think many would be in a position to spend over £30 on ice cream, let alone have the freezer space.”

So the Frozenly founders thought of collaborating with other small frozen brands to ship their products together. “This was when we had the idea of an online supermarket aimed at small plant-based producers stuck with the same route to market hurdles we were experiencing,” says Osborne.

While all the products are vegan, making it easier for those who are plant-based or have certain allergies, Frozenly is hoping to reach consumers on flexible diets as well. “We planned to launch with around 20 products and this has already tripled,” says Osborne. “We didn’t appreciate how many amazing brands, both small and large, are on board with this venture. With their support, we hope to grow quickly and have a frozen food range to rival any supermarket.”

The frozen vegan delivery service is providing a platform for both large and small producers to coexist, breaking the usual barriers that stand in the way of direct-to-consumer product deliveries.

Frozenly is also making strides with sustainability. “We are using recycled plastic as an insulator, not currently used by anyone here in the UK,” says Osborne, “and it has hugely surpassed any other shipping insulator we’ve tried that is available on the market.”

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Anay Mridul
Anay Mridul
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