Don’t Miss These 5 Must-Try Vegan Chocolates

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While it can be easy to find vegan-friendly dark chocolate, that is not always the case for “milk” vegan chocolates. Here is a list of different options (ranging from dark to “milk”) to find something that suits your taste buds.  


Hotel Chocolat provides some luxury vegan chocolate for all those who like sharp, bitter notes just like in dairy chocolate. With “all the power of cocoa” and no dairy milk, this award-winning vegan chocolate comes in a variety of forms – chocolate drops, chocolate spread, chocolate bars and batons. 


Galaxy wants consumers to “enjoy a moment of vegan pleasure” with this vegan version of their chocolates. Though it definitely doesn’t taste like the dairy version, it is still pretty good as it is made with a smooth hazelnut paste and orange oil. Stocked in Tesco, Galaxy Smooth Orange is often out of stock despite being almost double the price of the dairy version. 


Handmade in England, Seed and Bean offer 100% organic vegan chocolate bars. Priding themselves with their compostable packaging, they are the UK’s only chocolate company to receive a 100% ethical pass mark accreditation. Their flavours range from vegan milk chocolate including hazelnut, sea salt and lemon options to dark chocolate with ginger, lavender and orange.


This Scottish brand produces handcrafted ethical vegan chocolate using their own unique ingredients. They provide sweeter options made with mylk and range to rich, darker chocolate. With their ethical plastic free packaging, Freedom chocolate is free from dairy, gluten, nuts, soy and preservatives – a good option for health-conscious vegans. 


Though dark chocolate is a common vegan option, not everyone is a fan of the bitter taste. Ombar provides an organic vegan ‘mylk’ chocolate made up of creamed coconut and unrefined coconut sugar for those wanting something creamier. There is a bit of a coconut aftertaste, but it is not overwhelming, and is still an indulgent “melt in your mouth” mylk chocolate.

Gozde Elidemir 
Gozde Elidemir 
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