DÁPPA collaborates with Minor Figures to launch Chai Latte ice cream

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DÁPPA has announced its latest Chai Latte-flavoured ice cream in collaboration with Minor Figures.

Vegan ice cream company DÁPPA has debuted its new major ice cream flavour, Chai Latte, in collaboration with drinks company Minor Figures.

Like all its ice cream, the new chai latte made from a blend of almonds and cashews and is dairy-free. However, according to DÁPPA’s Instagram, it “whirled” Minor Figures’ cold brew chai. And with its nutty base to make the new flavour.

Chai is a flavoured tea drink, originated in India. That made by brewing black tea with spices and herbs like cinnamon and cloves.

Minor Figures’ cold brews slowly brewed to add a deeper flavour and to “capture the depth of every ingredient”. And all of its brews nitro infused to create a silky microfoam. That made with oat milk and is dairy-free, with no added sugar.

The DÁPPA x Minor Figures Chai Latte flavoured ice cream retails for £5.00 for 230ml and is available right now.

This is not the only collaboration Minor Figures has done. Last week, British supermarket Waitrose announced it would be expanding its line of vegan beverages by launching two dairy-free oat drinks by the company.

The vegan ice cream market has been booming since 2018, with brand new flavours and existing companies adding dairy-free alternatives to its range. Last month, frozen dessert company Arctic Zero, announced it is officially going plant-based, receiving its certification to add healthier low-calorie dessert options for his children.

Anam Alam
Anam Alam
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