COVID-19 Is Impacting Eco-Friendly Trends

An article published by Hydrogen Fuel News (HFN) today indicated how consumers are struggling to keep up with Eco-Friendly Trends during the current pandemic crisis. 

During the  coronavirus outbreak, we have witnessed many environmental benefits such as cleaner air, lower carbon emissions and a respite for wildlife. And there has been a debate on whether these benefits will stay post-COVID-19.

Although the ‘desire’ is there to go green and maintain and eco-friendly lifestyle, the feature explains how many companies are now abandoning many of the ‘basic zero-waste choices’ that were beginning to take off. 

A report published by CBC showed how, although we see these benefits, there has been a ‘notable spike’ in waste levels.  This is because consumers are straying away from using cloth bags, reusable produce bags and coffee cups and being forced to use disposable plastic bags in-store. The article also reveals that many shoppers are becoming very selective of the products they choose, meaning they might purchase items with double-packaging, causing more waste.

However, we are slowly seeing the emergence of companies and start-ups who are adopting the eco-friendly trends, while many companies are introducing products to save the environment as well such as Ccilu, Le Qara and Bolt Beauty.