Coconuts Organic Launch Home Delivery Service

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This week, vegan and UK-based ice-cream brand Coconuts Organic launched their own home delivery service.

As the UK heads into a summer of social distancing, the company is following swiftly behind, opening an online shop for the first time since 2015. If ordered before 2pm between Monday and Thursday, customers can receive their ice cream the very next day. For orders of over £25, deliveries are completely free.

Coconuts OrganicThe ice cream comes in seven different flavours: chocolate and orange swirl, double caramel, creamy coconut, pure caramel, rum ‘n’ raisin and mint choc, and orders can comprise of a mix of any one or more of these flavours. Coconuts Organic uses certified organic, non-dairy ingredients, with coconut cream and unrefined coconut sugar for their base.

CEO Cecily Mills founded Coconuts Organic in 2015, producing ice cream from her own kitchen in Cornwall. Mills turned vegan to boost her energy levels, and disappointed by the lack of plant-based ice cream on supermarket shelves, she decided to take charge of the market. 

She told Food Navigator: “The dairy-free options just weren’t cutting it for me, either they were full of artificial sweeteners or the texture was too icy.”

A year after launch, she had already won one Great Taste Award and five years later, Mills is the proud owner of seven Great Taste Awards and two investments after an appearance on BBC Dragon’s Den in 2018.

With its most recent expansion into big retailer M&S on June 3rd, Coconuts Organic’s products are available in Tesco, Morrisons, and online through OCADO, too. The company also recently went International with its distribution in Organic Foods and Café in Dubai. 

Olivia Rafferty
Olivia Rafferty
Olivia is the Assistant Editor of The Vegan Review. An aspiring Middle Eastern correspondent currently studying journalism at City, University of London, she is passionate about the planet, she believes veganism is the first step to solving the complexities of climate change.