Califia Farms Launches Dairy-Free Iced Café Mixers for Iced Coffee

One for the coffee lovers among us!

We bring exciting news that one of the top plant-based drinks brands, Califia Farms, has launched its Iced Café Mixers which are dairy-free creamers specially made for cold coffee beverages. There are two main flavours – Vanilla Sweet Crème, and Caramel Crème both of which are refrigerated and available in Target, Kroger, as well as other retail stores. 

What’s so great about these iced café mixers is that they are designed for cold drinks, which is unique in the creamer category. And with the demand, and subsequent sales for cold coffee increasing in the US, largely driven by consumers aged 18-34, this can only be a good thing for Califia Farms. 

These mixers contain just 3 grams of sugar per serving and are made from a delicious blend of both oat and almond milk.

Commenting on the launch, Suzanne Ginestro, Califia Farms Chief Marketing Officer, said: “Califia is excited to be the first to respond in a major way to this massive youth-led shift towards cold coffee. Gen Z and millennials drink iced coffee throughout the day and all year round, and we saw an opportunity to develop a groundbreaking product to better meet their needs. These Iced Café Mixers allow them to enjoy their iced coffee to the very last drop with absolutely no compromise on flavour, creaminess, or whitening.”

As we’ve mentioned, the consumption of at-home coffee skyrocketed during the pandemic, when the general public became professional baristas, hairdressers, teachers, etc. You remember, I’m sure. And ever since, the demand for home coffee products has steadily grown, with Mintel stating that sales of ready-to-drink coffee were up 44% in 2021 from 2019. In addition, sales of refrigerated creamers and plant-based creamers were up 19% and 86% over the same timeframe. 

Ginestro continued: “Consumers want to recreate the café experience at home and are looking to retail products, like our Iced Café Mixers, to achieve that. This at-home coffee consumption behaviour coupled with the generational shift towards cold coffee has made these products an instant hit with retailers. They recognise this innovation as a major step forward for the coffee category.”

You can buy Califia Farms iced café mixers for a suggested retail price of around $4.89; they come in 25.4oz bottles and can be paired perfectly with Califia’s pure black medium roast cold brew coffee, as well as pure black blonde roast cold brew coffee, both of which are made from 100% Arabica beans. 

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