Bexley Eco Festival 2020’s theme is sustainability and wellbeing

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Celebrating its one-year anniversary, the Bexley Eco Festival returns online this Saturday, with sustainability and wellbeing at the forefront of its theme.

After a successful launch in September 2019, Bexley Eco Festival takes place online this Saturday, October 17. Organised by Corey Riverside Energy, London South East Colleges and Bexley Council, the aim of this year’s fest is to promote the “Bexley community and potentially a wider audience, in aims of offering community, educational and entertainment interaction”.

Additionally, the Bexley Eco Festival also hopes to “help the environment, improve awareness about what is going on in their local community and increase and enhance their health and well-being”.

​Last year’s event, held in Lesnes Abbey Woods, saw a 15ft 6in tall robot spreading the eco word. The event was put together with “the sole intention of raising awareness of failing ecology policies and to make a difference to local communities”.

“Adults and children alike can learn interesting facts about the environment and the importance of looking after it. They can find about the importance of recycling, making more economical choices, as well as looking out for one another through community activities and volunteering,” said councillor Peter Craske, Bexley’s cabinet member for places.

This year, it continues and develops these themes online, with a range of educational talks, live Q&As and more.

The programme features a talk by Tessa Clarke, creator of food sharing app Olio and vendors from The Wasteless Market, a zero-waste pop-up and online marketplace, showcasing their sustainable goods and offering eco-friendly inspiration. With every purchase from The Wasteless Market, they plant trees and fund climate projects and are currently supporting Unblocktober.

There are also talks, sessions and demos on sustainability, local wildlife, essential ecosystems and biodiverse communities, allotments, volunteering opportunities in Bexley, healthy eating and exercise classes for all, guided meditation, yoga, sound baths, and waste and recycling tips, including using old wood pallets and plastic bottles to make planters, and other simple ways to reduce waste. In addition, the festival will also showcase presentations by London South East College students, including fitness tips and cooking demos, plus music, drama and dance performances.

Jessica Fox
Jessica Fox
Jessica has been vegan for nearly 20 years; over the past 8 years, she has been actively involved in the London vegan community, organising and hosting a variety of vegan events.She also regularly hosts walks, potlucks, and art/creative writing workshops. Jessica is an artist, writer, and genealogist; she loves photography, swimming, and walking in the countryside and seaside.